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Gun Control and Freedom

Did you know that gun control was one of the causes of the American Revolution? All most of us heard about was the Boston Tea Party and taxation without representation. Those things were only part of it. The other part was the British trying to impose gun control and gun powder control on the colonist.

“This Article reviews the British gun control program that precipitated the
American Revolution: the 1774 import ban on firearms and gunpowder; the 1774-75
confiscations of firearms and gunpowder; and the use of violence to effectuate
the confiscations. It was these events that changed a situation of political
tension into a shooting war. Each of these British abuses provides insights into
the scope of the modern Second Amendment”   The complete article is at the link below.


This video is about “Oath Keepers” Citizens who took an oath and promise to keep it to protect us from any violation of the second amendment from our own government. It also gives an insight into the Revolutionary war.

This is the testimony of a man who experienced gun control in his country of Cuba. He is testifying before a committee in Salem Oregon in 2010.

testimony of a legal emigrant before a legislative committee 2013

This guy knows a guy who knows a guy. Dr. Jim Garrow, a Nobel Prize nominee speaks out about Obama’s litmus test to the military. I usually don’t go in for a story from a guy who knows a guy, but this one seems pretty credible. Is our president trying to see who will fire on American citizens when he gives the order? I think he might be. You decide. My other question would be, then what else would all the FEMA camps be for?

I got a little carried away with the videos this time, but I think they are all important.

Your friend, Harley                  thinking about what gun to buy next


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