I am a “Bad Green Dog”

“It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.” to coin a phrase.

It had snowed and the whole back yard was covered in a nice cool blanket of it. I had ran, rolled, ate, and layed in the snow for most of the morning. Surely the best of times for me. (I have a lot of hair so I get hot easy). Then, of course, there is my morning dog cookies after I do a sufficient number of tricks. All was well with my world.

On to the worst of times: My mistress was down stairs painting her Honey’s den closet. I joined her just to see what “painting” was. She got a couple of cans of paint and mixed some together, fishing out an old paint brush that had been forgotten in one of the cans and layed it on some card board. (I love chewing on card board) I watched with interest as she stirred up the mixed paint with a stick. (I love chewing on sticks).

As she was smearing the paint on I was thinking to myself (that looks like green pudding and I love pudding). Then the phone rang and she was distracted from me and intent on her conversation and painting. What a perfect time to try out this green paint “pudding”. So, with mouth watering, I picked up the old paint covered brush and quietly headed up stair to enjoy what I thought had to be pudding.

By the time I got to the top of the stairs I realized it was not pudding and it didn’t taste good at all. The only thing left to do was just chew it up. Next thing I knew there were paint spots and green paw prints all over the library carpet. Oh no!! (I thought to myself). Just then my mistress came upstairs after some more coffee and saw the library carpet and me. Then I hear the familiar “YOU BAD DOG!” as her finger again is wagging in my face. I couldn’t deniegh it with green slobbers coming from my mouth and green paw prints all over the place. Yes, I did it again and was a “Bad Dog”.

Your friend, Harley                 trying to be good today


About Kathy

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3 comments on “I am a “Bad Green Dog”

  1. However, I do like the way you think!!

  2. Harley, what are we going to do with you??

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