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Another Concept on the Mark of the Beast

I was doing some more investigation on the “Mark of the Beast”. It’s a pretty hot topic these days with the probable soon war between Israel and the Islamic countries. Actually, the “Mark” has been a hot topic for a long time because of the technology we have today that we didn’t have a few decades ago. There are many speculations as to what this “mark” will be.

There is one place in the Bible that gives a physical description of the anti-christ. It is in Zechariah 11:17 It says that he suffers a head wound and his right eye is darkened and his right arm is dried up.  This is covered in the first video. Also in the Bible the anti-christ is referred to as the Assyrian. Most Christians assume the anti-christ will come from Europe somewhere because the Bible says he (the anti-christ) will come from the old Roman empire, but we forget about the eastern leg of the Roman empire that lasted 1000 years longer than the western leg. The eastern leg becomes known as the Byzantine empire. Assyria is part of that area. Very provocative.

So, could the anti-christ be coming from somewhere in the Islamic nations? With world events happening the way they are now it seems more than probable that this could be. I am only speculating, but I believe “the mark” could very well have something to do with pledging allegiance to Allah, whether it is an implant of some kind or a tattoo. So, I hope you will watch the videos and come to your own conclusions. To me it’s very compelling.

Your friend, Harley

Part 1 of the Islamic connection:

Part2 of the Islamic connection.


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