Right to Life.. Where will it end?

The elitists in New York  make it plainly clear.  Conservatives are not wanted.   They’re not backing down… They’re saying, anyone who believes in the “Right To Life, 2nd Amendment are extremists.   When will they decide the “Right To Life” for adults they don’t agree with is a “Conservative, Right Wing” extremist position? It’s already happened throughout history.   More people have been exterminated by their governments than any other disaster, including the plague.    I’ll bet history attempts to repeat itself…again..    Not too long from now…..


Its Coming!!  Be prepared!

2 comments on “Right to Life.. Where will it end?

  1. Reblogged this on These Christian Times and commented:
    Not Surprise that the hypocrites on the left are saying what they are saying and getting a free Pass from the Main Stream Media.

  2. I totally agree with you. The thing we need to watch out for the most in this country is now the government. I was listening to a program the other night and Hal Lindsey was quoted to have said that he thinks Obama was sent by Satan to distroy this country. You and I were talking about that before. When our own government upholds and applaudes the killing of our unborn, taking away our freedom of speach, and is still trying to remove our gun rights, we better watch out and be prepared.

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