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NewsBusted – 14-021 – Video

I love NewsBusted. I hope you will too.

PA Pundits - International

Topics in today’s show:

– During a speech last week, President Obama said that NSA agents are your friends.

– President Obama said he will now tighten his control over Government surveillance programs.

– Obama aides are now saying that the President had no knowledge of the extent of NSA surveillance.

– The NSA has been tracking 200 million text messages every day.

– Michelle Obama has just celebrated her 50th birthday.

– Governor Jerry Brown declared that California is now under a drought emergency.

Starring: Jodi Miller
Director: Bruce Roundtower
Executive Producer: Matthew Sheffield

See more videos at the NewsBusted video channel . http://www.youtube.com/user/newsbusted

See and Read more Quality Material at NewsBusters . http://newsbusters.org/

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