Candida, a Paracite that is Overwhelming 70% of US Population

What is Candida? It is part of the fungus family. It’s a living organism that has to eat, just like you do and makes us crave foods it likes to feed on. The waste product of Candida is a very toxic mycotoxins that slowly poisons you.

Why are so many people infected with this deadly parasite? Because our food supply, especially processed foods, is laced with processed sugar as a taste enhancer.

What are some of the symptoms that would suggest you may be over loaded with this fungal parasite? Bloating, skin problems, toenail fungus, depression, obesity, diarrhea, cancer, excess belly fat, allergies, and trouble sleeping just to name a few.

How can we rid ourselves of this parasite? The first place to start is with a good pro biotic. Yogurt is not enough. The link below is a commercial for a good pro biotic, but is also very informative on how Candida affects our bodies. http://keybiotics.com/video_toon15c.php   Another thing to do is take anti fungal supplements such as Caprillic Acid, Olive Leaf Extract, and Oil of Oregano. Most people won’t want to hear this one, but you need to change you diet!

The symptom that probably jumped out the biggest is Cancer. Doug Kaufman’s video below will explain a lot about the link between fungus and Cancer. Do yourself a big favor and watch it.

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About Kathy

I am semi retired and had lots of free time on my hands. I still work part time as a bookkeeper at the little hardware store in our small town but I still had free time to fill so I became a blogger here at The Harley Factor. I also am a compulsive beader so I started a beading blog to show off my bead work call Compulsive Beading. As I have gotten older and mostly wiser I have become very opinionated on a lot of subjects and will share them with you from time to time when I can't keep my mouth shut. Kathy Sinclair

2 comments on “Candida, a Paracite that is Overwhelming 70% of US Population

  1. You just gave me nightmares for days, Ugh they are in everything we eat. Was this caused on purpose knowing full well what they ae doing with these ingredients.

    • Yes, I believe it was done on purpose by the sugar manufactures who have been getting subsidies for years. It explains a lot about that in the keybiotics link. Makes you wonder what is safe to eat. If we eat we die, if we don’t eat we die. Not much of a choice if you ask me.

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