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Whats Ahead!

Recent information about our government is that America does not produce like we did for the world.  We are not the innovators that brought much of our greatness.  Our money is drying up, so we don’t purchase as much as we used to.  America is becoming irrelevant.  China’s currency is now the #2 in the world.  The president has crossed the bounds of the constitution and seems to disobey his own laws that his government has passed.

What could happen next?    Watch This You Tube


One comment on “Whats Ahead!

  1. The video talked about the right of the citizens to over throw the government if it became terranical. I would say it is pretty close to being there. Although I don’t see the physical over throwing of the government at this time, we can over throw the politicians that are distroying our country by voting them out. I didn’t used to think that everyone in office should be voted out, but it may not be a bad idea. Very few republicans in office now are holding the conservative line they were elected to hold. They need to go too.

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