Someone placed a post about CHRISTmas and the true meaning of it. This was our conversation:

We were discussing the facts about CHRISTmas and the meaning behind it. They were right it was originally a pagan celebration, however it was adopted by the Catholic Church. This was my response.

Skeeter says: Even though JESUS was not born on that day, in fact there is no record of the exact day that JESUS was born. However history has proof of HIS existence. December 25th is the day that is chosen to celebrate HIS birth. Red is for his blood that he shed for us and white stands for HIS purity and the CHRISTmas tree is the symbol of the cross that HE died on for our sins. That is why we celebrate CHRISTmas. It seems as though every one has an opinion of this date. But for me it is the day that I celebrate JESUS birth.   Yes I do believe in JESUS CHRIST. Have a Marry CHRISTmas Brother.

The person says: Skeeter, you are correct, sorta BUT, you are only correct because the Catholic Church chose to use that as their “reason” to “incorporate” this VERY PAGAN celebration! It’s the same old thing, “if you join our cult (IE: EVERY CHURCH OUT THERE IS INDEED A CULT BY DEFINITION), then we will adhere to your practice of Solstice!! PERIOD!
Skeeter says; You can look at pagan, or other religions, but the truth and power is in CHRIST JESUS and that’s where I stand on this. I do not particularly believe in religion, but I do believe in JESUS and that belief in me no one can change or alter except JESUS. I do not see that happening soon. I can not find anywhere in the BIBLE where it says I have to believe in any religion, just JESUS CHRIST. Here’s hoping that you and yours have a very Marry CHRISTmas. I do not let other beliefs get in the way. May GOD Bless and keep you always.
Skeeter says: I respect other people’s beliefs, but no one ON EARTH can change my belief in JESUS.

2 comments on “CHRISTmas

  1. By the way Skeeter – I agree with you on this!

  2. Skeeter – you ought to meet my Dolly. I just posted 2 more of her recent pictures on “Pet of the Week.”

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