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How to help humans

I know.. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here.  My 2 legged friend grounded me from the computer because I puked on the key board!!  Lol!!  Hey that’s what we do.

I recently visited a friend of mine that works for a large corporation, who made a video that gives a bit better instructions on how to deal with your 2 legged companions.  Let me know if there is more to add.. Enjoy!   Just Click HERE.



One comment on “How to help humans

  1. Do they have one of those videos for dogs and their humans? I can’t see myself sitting on her computor (light box to you). She won’t even let me on the furnature. I do wrap myself around her legs like cats do, but when I do she almost falls over and tells me to quit. I think I could use some video instructions too.

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