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Stolen Coleslaw is Not so Sweet

I have really come to appriciate fruits and vegetables. Of course, as a dog, I prefer meat, but I’m not picky. I have learned the fine art of begging everytime my mistress is eating anything and of course if she is eating it, it must be good.

The other night she was cutting up cabbage and made a really tasty dish she called coleslaw. She gave me and Skeeter some pieces of cabbage as she was cutting it up so I naturally assumed she would share the finished product. While she was eating her dish of coleslaw in the living room while watching Fox News I decided not to bother her and just help myself to what was left on the counter in the kitchen. Boy, was that a bad idea!

I was standing on my hind legs at the counter engrossed in eating when I hear her yelling “Harley, you Bad Dog“. I’m thinking “What? Why am I a Bad Dog this time?” I had not pooped on the floor or chewed up the toilet paper roll. Before I could look at her inquisitively she smacked me on the nose and yelled “Bad Dog” again.

So, I have learned another valuable lesson. If there is food on the counter it is not for me. I have decided to stick with begging or just eating dog food. It is better to beg or ask (if you can talk) instead of just helping yourself to something that isn’t given to you.

Your friend, Harley           learning another life lesson


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One comment on “Stolen Coleslaw is Not so Sweet

  1. lol Harley your adventures and Hi jinks really make my days. You need to update more trouble you get yourself in very soon

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