Islam is Not a Peaceful Religion

I ran across this article today at http://papundits.wordpress.com/2013/11/19/islam-is-a-belief-of-blood/and have to comment on it. Even I (a dog who is up on current and past events) know that Islam is not a religion of peace. Not even the so called moderates. The U.S. has been fighting wars in Islamic countries for decades now without much real success. Why is that, you may ask? It’s because we don’t see it as fighting a religious war, which in my opinion, it is. It is also useless, in my opinion again, to try to propagate democracy into countries that have never been democratic and don’t really ever intend to be. This country needs to stop negotiating with them and focus on backing up our friend Israel in preventing them from getting nuclear weapons and remember our God is God. That also is the truth and my opinion.

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Islam is a Belief of Blood

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Amil ImaniBy Amil Imani ~
From Peshawar Pakistan to Nairobi Kenya, from Damascus Syria to Benghazi Libya, Muslims are on a killing rampage. The civilized world is shocked and distressed. Some mutation seems to take place in the humanness of the person the minute he announces his subservience to Islam by reciting the Shahada: “I bear witness that there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger.” The individual becomes intolerant, violent and the shedding of blood becomes central to his life.

The Greek had their gods, so did the idolater Arabs before Muhammad appeared on the scene. Muhammad chose a minor idol as god and the only god and elected the name of Allah for him. According to Muhammad, Allah is not only the god; he is the all-everything god, embodying all imaginable attributes that were previously monopolies of different gods of the polytheists.

What in fact stands out as Allah’s dominating attribute, is his intolerant and violent nature. He is nothing like the all-merciful the Quran claims. But he certainly is the most wrathful. Since commissioning Muhammad as his emissary and giving him the manual of mayhem called the Quran, the world has never seen a day of peace. Apparently that’s just the way Allah likes it.

EGYPT“The religion of peace,” is in fact the religion of blood.

Distressed by the Muslims’ trouble-making and killing sprees, civilized nations are bending over backward in the hope of placating them and helping them join the family of humanity by admitting hordes of immigrants and affording them all manner of hospitality and assistance. All seems to no avail. Many of the new arrivals, deeply infected by the Islamic ethos, find it impossible to assimilate in the host countries. Instead, they strive to impose their defunct order that is the cause of their backwardness and inhumanity on the host people.

The non-Muslim world is at the end of its wits. No accommodation or kindness seems to stem the tide of Islamic violence. Countless numbers of proposals have been advanced in dealing with Islamic mayhem. Some feel that, in general, Muslims are law-abiding citizens of their adopted countries and it is a minority that is responsible for acts of atrocities. Thinking along these lines has prompted people to say that the solution to Islamic violence rests with Islamic leaders. That is, Islamic leaders should speak up and condemn jihad and jihadists.

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4 comments on “Islam is Not a Peaceful Religion

  1. I am not sure that you are being consistent. You kept referring to a killing spree – which, although terrible, is focussed on places like Iraq where historically you would have to admit there was relative peace, killing wise, until the US came in with all guns blazing.
    Religion wise – since much of the Koran is closely related to the Old Testament there are certainly some verses calling for vengeance (when attacked!) – just as there are equally belligerent verses in the Bible. What really matters is where the majority of followers of a faith put their emphasis. There have been no terrorist incidents attributed to Muslims in my country but there are a good number of mosques.Therefore you can’t talk about the whole ideology of the Muslim faith when the vast majority of Muslims don’t share your view that the Muslim faith is one of war and domination. As you say the US has been fighting Muslim nations for years. What you forgot to say is that they are fighting them in the Muslim countries. Perhaps if the US didn’t feel a need to invade them they would seem more peaceful. Note for example when the US invaded Iraq this last time there was a three fold increase in world terrorism. World domination? How many countries has Iran invaded? Now ask how many times Iran has been invaded and by whom? Look it up. As I said there are 1.3 billion Muslims. In terms of evidence they are much more peaceful than the history of the Christian West and this has been the case for centuries.
    The Crusades for example were the Christians invading the Muslims, not the other way around. I am encouraged that you wish the US to become more involved in the blessing side. I presume that means they will start offering humanitarian aid instead of sending weapons to stir things up.
    I am a Christian, or at least I try to be – but didn’t Jesus ask us to forgive our enemies and turn the other cheek. Saying we should support Israel against the Palestinians is not turning the other cheek.

    • I have to agree with you on one thing. The US has gone many times into Muslim countries for what I think are misguided reasons. I personally think we (the US) should stay out of other countries and let them fight their own wars unless the US is attacked first. I am all for humanitarian help for any country that needs it, but I don’t think the US should give any country money just to keep them on our side, which they do now. Unfortunately, I am not in control of that or things would be differant. Besides, you can’t really fight a war against terrorism effectively anyway because it comes from too many places. It’s like trying to fight blindfolded.
      I do know that Muslims are trying to conquer the world either by violence or deception such as immigrating to other countries and trying to take over politically which takes longer, but they are patient.
      As far a comparing the Bible with the Koran, there is no comparison. One is true, the Bible and one is false, the Koran. As far as Israel, they are surrounded by people who want to distroy them so they have every right to protect themselves by any means they see fit reguardless of who it is that is coming against them. Palastinians or anyone else for that matter.
      I’m glad you are a Christian and I hope you have a hunger for the whole word of God. Particularly in escotology sense I believe we are in the last days now before Jesus comes back again. Everything is pointing to it.
      May God bless us both and give us both wisdom in these times.

  2. I agree that there are Muslim nutters – just as there are Christian nutters. But you need to keep a sense of perspective. Very few of the 12,000 gun deaths last year in the US were caused by Muslims. In fact less than 10 as a consequence of terrorist activity. There are 1.3 billion Muslims in the world and only about 12,000 total terrorist caused deaths in the whole world, whereas there were many times that caused by US military intervention.
    I am all for extending friendship to Israel, but the fact of the matter is that every year there seem to be about ten times as many Palestinians killed by Israeli military action as there are Israelis killed by Palestinians. If it is civilian deaths you are worried about world wide just remember that the so called Christian nations have done in far more civilians since the second world war than the Muslims you are so worried about. I can supply the figures if you want them. In the US for some strange reason murder rates are far higher in the Bible Belt states. In Saudi Arabia (where Sharia law seems to rule!) there are very low crime rates. Are you sure you are worried about the right group of people?

    • I’m not talking about how many gun deaths there are here or there. I’m not really even talking about terrorism. I’m talking about the whole idealogy behind the Muslim religion of kill and/or conquer every nation on earth. I’m not talking about which religion is more peaceful or which has caused more death over the centuries. I’m not really talking about “religion” at all. I’m talking about what God said as far as Israel goes. God promiced them the land they have plus more that they don’t have yet, centuries ago. God also said the he would bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel. My hope is that the US will become more solid on the blessing side and realize what it is they are really fighting. I’m not really “worried” about anything or anyone because God knows the end from the beginning. This really isn’t a seculer matter, it’s a spiritual one.

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