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No!! I’m Not Going Down There

Have you ever been afraid of something and you just didn’t know why? That is how I felt about going downstairs. I didn’t know why I was afraid. I just was. My mind would imagine all kinds of horrors about what might be down there. The basement could be full of water and I might drown. There could be monsters down there and they might get me. It’s dark and I’m afraid of the dark. Maybe I have been a “Bad Dog” and my mistress might leave me down there all alone, and besides, it just looked dangerous. I am a big dog, but I am a chicken at heart.

Yesterday I was forced to face my fears of the basement. My mistress has been working down there and I get into things when I am left by myself and chew them up (Toilet paper rolls, socks, bead work, etc. I just can’t help myself). I guess she is tired of it so she decided to take me downstairs where she could keep an eye on me. I was not going to go willingly. I pulled back until my collar came off so she tried the harness. I pulled back until that came off too. She finally put a leash around my middle and pulled me down there (My heart was beating so fast I thought I was going to faint). I just knew something terrible was going to happen.

After I ran around frantically for a while I realized there was really nothing to be afraid of. There are rooms and furniture down there just like there is upstairs. There was also a bathroom down there with a nice big water dish just like there is upstairs (That was comforting to me). The moral of my story is you should face your fears because there is usually nothing to be afraid of and sometimes you have to be forced to do it by someone who loves you and it’s for your own good. My advice is just go down the stairs and quit being a wuss.

Your friend, Harley        feeling a little foolish




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