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Washington Red Skins (What’s so upsetting about that?)


My mistress never watches sports so I really don’t know much about baseball (I mean football), but listening to the news (which is always on around here) I couldn’t help but hear about the controversy about the name of the Washington Red Skins. Seems like it is much to do about nothing that’s really important anyway. It seems people are way too concerned about being politically correct these days. I should say that my mistress has the greatest respect for all Indian tribes and is enrolled in one herself.

It made me ask myself some questions about other Indian names of things. For example the Oneida tribe (at least some of them) is saying they don’t like the Red Skins name. Why weren’t they upset and offended when a bunch of silverware got named after them? Originally I don’t think Indians used silverware although I think most people use it these days. I never heard an uproar about that.

Why wasn’t the Duwamish tribe upset and offended when one of the biggest cities in Washington state got named after one of their chiefs, chief Seattle? I don’t hear any of the Duwamish tribal members throwing a big fit about that, or anyone else for that matter.

How about the Ottawa tribe? Were they upset and offended when a car got named after one of their chiefs, chief Pontiac? Of course being politically correct wasn’t as prevalent back then. A picture of chief Pontiac.


Then there is the small town of Umapine Wa. It was named after chief Umapine of the Cayuse tribe. The schools mascot was chief Umapine for years. I don’t remember hearing anyone upset or horrified by that. A picture of chief Umapine.ChiefUmapineCayuse1910s8x10

I could go on, but I think you get my point. There is one tribe that I can’t think of anything that is named after it. That is the Potawatomi tribe. No teams or cities that I know of. I could be wrong on that. There may be a plant named after the first part of the name anyway. Pot. Now if the chief’s name was Too-higha-to-walka and his wife’s name was Too-higha-to-talka, that could be offensive and if I were them I would throw a fit, but what do I know. I’m just a dog.

Your friend Harley        not being politically correct


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