Question about Words and Phrases

I have come to realize that if you spend enough time with our 2 legged counterparts we start to pick up certain words and phrases.  Too the point that they will start spelling words,  thinking we don’t understand.

I’m just wondering what words and phrases you’ve picked up from you listening to discussions?  Things said at their work or home.

You first…


7 comments on “Question about Words and Phrases

  1. lol this is the best reply post I have seen. Lol

  2. I thought all cats were named Kitty until I met you. You have cleared up so many things for me. My least favorite phrase lately is “No! Stop that!” Yes, I know what it means. I just don’t like it.

  3. “Do you want a cookie?” That’s my favorite saying these days because I always do want a cookie. Dog cookie or human cookie, it doesn’t matter to me.

    • How about… kitty kitty kitty… Alright I get it.. Give me a break. My name is Serial Killer. Lets have some respect here!! For Pete’s sake.. I can blog. And yes, I do want some more food..

  4. “Do you wanna go outside?” was my first one. I had some help with Skeeter there. Everytime that was said she ran for the door.

    • I recently heard the two legged guy say”that darn cat!! It just puked up a hair ball on my computer again!!
      It’s wasn’t me. It was big boy..

      • Hope he didn’t get into too much trouble. When you gotta puke, you gotta puke. The new phrase I have learned is “It’s bed time” That means I have to get into my kennel and get locked in for the night. I don’t like getting locked in, but I guess it’s better than getting the “Bad Dog!!” treatment in the morning for peeing on the floor.

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