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Limited Goverment

Hi there, Skeeter here;

Well I was listening to my owners talk the other day and man what a concept for our government. I may be a dog, but this is my home too. After all I was born and raised here. Anyway I think that congress should be limited to a 4 year term and maybe a 2nd term only depending on there progress. This making a career out of government is senseless in my opinion. They get to lax and more afraid of votes then doing the right thing. They are paid by the people, for the people, to help the people. Not to worry about whether or not they will get the votes needed to retire on the people’s DIME. I’m sorry but the old guard needs to go and fresh meat needs to be on the table. What do I mean by that? Easy, we need people in congress that have AMERICA’S best interests at heart, not theirs. Further more, just because he’s president does not give him the right to go on vacation or go play golf when he feels like it or during a crisis situation. After all would anyone in their right mind take a vacation if the cost of it would but them in the street, homeless, I mean really!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t care if he does have people to handle things, he needs to be overseeing with the heart of the people of AMERICA and not his own agenda. He either has no clue or doesn’t care about the American people. JUST SAYING NOT JUDGING……..  Skeeter


One comment on “Limited Goverment

  1. I was listening to the same conversation and I agree with what you are saying. I think term limits would be the way to go with all of these politicians. Then we would get people in government that truely want to serve the people, which in turn would serve us. A happy master means a happy pet.
    As far as this president, I think the country might be better off if he stayed on vacation. He would do less damage. Unfortunately we have another 3 years or so to listen to him. I am with my mistress on this one: Every time I hear him talk I just want to slap him and tell him to get his head out of where ever he has it stuck.

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