Harley.. I saw on Facebook.

Hi Harley.  I saw on Facebook that you peed in somebody’s shoes.  I mean really!   Apparently the results weren’t so good for you either.  Hey, you’ve got multiple followers on multiple continents.  Don’t you think it’s time to get it together!

In any case I suggest that you think things through better!   Don’t even tell me that this was on purpose.  Call me if you need help with learning to use the cat box!    GET WITH THE PROGRAM!

8 comments on “Harley.. I saw on Facebook.

  1. Don’t answer… But were you a “Rescue Dog”??

    • What does being a rescue dog have to do with anything? But now that you bring it up, I might check into it. If we would have saved the Sacred Mouse I guess I would have been a rescue dog. I was thinking of the Sacred Mouse today and now Sleepy Mouse has no more stuffing in her head. YES, I am in trouble again!!!

  2. Hey, Serial Killer, do you have to Blab EVERYTHING you see about me on facebook? Its kind of embarrassing. Now the whole world knows I peed in my mistresses shoes, and it was on purpose. I was marking my territory like you cats do. My mistress just doesn’t understand that sort of thing.

    • If your Territory analogy is correct… Then my entire territory is in my “Cat Box”.

      • You mean to tell me that you have never peed anywhere else but your cat box? Where is your sense of adventure. For a cat named Serial Killer, you need to get out more.

  3. ha! so funny!
    Your blog caught my eye only because I too have a full bred collie named Strider. his mom’s brother was the Lassie in the last lassie movie. SO CUTE! Love them!

    • I LOVE Lassie movies! She (he) is my hero. I didn’t know until recently that Lassie was played by male collies. It gives me something to aspire to once I quit peeing in peoples shoes. Glad to hear you have a collie. WE are wonderful dogs and really good company.

    • We have some great conversation here. Thanks for posting. S.K.

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