Health Care

Sorry about not posting anything, however I am on the road a lot and only home on some weekends. But I have the time right now just before I have to go out the door again. Anyway I don’t get it, if the Obama Care thing is so good why is congress, Mr. Obama, Senators various other big business corporates and ETC are trying to wiggle out of it? Why are the majority of people told too bad, you don’t get a year reprieve from Obama Care? Mr. Obama I don’t get it, if this health care is so great then you sign up for it!!!!!!! You have said on one hand “I AM OPEN  FOR NAGOIATION.” But on the other hand “I WILL NOT NAGOIATE.” You blame the republicans for not attempting to meet with you but they have documented proof that they have attempted to meet with a written plan for a compromise. However you continue to refuse to meet with them and then accuse them of not cooperating. I know I am only a dog but I can smell the crap that’s being shoveled here and let me tell you boy does it stink…..Only saying not accusing……                                                        Skeeter


3 comments on “Health Care

  1. Geez Skeeter… Even though I agree totally… You don’t seem to be your usual self. A bit cranky.. I’ll bet you need a SNICKERS BAR! That should help..

  2. Thanks for sharing this beautiful article…..

  3. Most of the conversation on Obama Care seems to center around the cost of premiums, which is important, but as far as I can see the quality of health care for this countries citizens will greatly diminish with this complicated law. I hope that eventually it will be repealed. My mistress isn’t getting any younger and I want her to have Good health care not higher premiums with terrible health care. Of course she hardly ever goes to a doctor anyway, but she might need to sometime.
    I still think Obama is a closet Muslim lieing to everyone.

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