Question From Serial Killer to Harley about the Sacred Mouse

I was checking out your site where a recent post shows a mouse that had been strung up by all it’s legs.  My feeling is that it’s a Sacred Mouse!  What else can it be?

I think we should go on a journey and free the Sacred Mouse!!  What do ya think?

Only one question, before we go…  How’s your Kung Fu??

5 comments on “Question From Serial Killer to Harley about the Sacred Mouse

  1. That video was awesome! Do you have that dog’s phone number? I think I could learn a lot from him. He has amazing balance. Unfortunately, I still pretty clumsey. I still trip just going down stairs. Maybe we should put off the quest for the Sacred Mouse for awhile. How long do mice live anyway?

  2. Now it makes sense! There may be a problem though. Sense I can’t seem to hold my water at night, (she wouldn’t have known if she wouldn’t have stepped in it (more than once)when she got up this morning) my mistress is locking me in my kennel every night. We need to come up with an escape plan before we can go on a rescue mission. Any ideas?

  3. No! Not Toe Fu! (which sounds more like a fungus I had once) Remember… We don’t have trigger fingers ( ie trigger toes) While on the Sacred Quest, We must be able to defend ourselves, with Martial Arts – Kung Fu. Just think,, Kung Fu Panda!

    Click Here To See Kung Fu Panda

    NOTICE… No trigger toes!

  4. The thought that it could be a sacred mouse had not occured to me, but it is well known that cats know more about mice than dogs do, so you may be on to something. I thought it was just a hungry thief or needed some fresh nesting material and had expensive taste. I think we should go and free it, but don’t eat it afterward (I know how you cats are). It would be embarrassing to be chased out of the country by a bunch of fanatic mice.
    As far as the Kung Fu, it sounds like chinese food. I’m not sure I have any. Is it anything like Toe Fu? I prefer meat myself.

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