Things That You Should Never Buy..

  1. Dollar Store Sardines!

    Can you think of anything else to add to the list.


10 comments on “Things That You Should Never Buy..

  1. Another thing never to buy is underwear that is too small. Being a dog, I have no need of underwear, but people who buy size 32″ and expect it to cover a 40″ butt and then wonder why thier legs turn purple and go numb should read the labels more carfully. That’s just my opinion.

  2. Also never eat anything that you can’t figure out how to spell or pronounce it. Such as “pyridoxine hydrochloride”. What?

  3. Another thing you should never buy is perscription drugs that have more side effects than what you have in the first place.

  4. Do sardines have anything to do with Sardinian Swords Men? I don’t think I would want to tangle with them. I think I need more info

  5. By the way, what are Sardines? and is there a bag limit?

  6. Now that you mention it… I have been know to be called a 10 pound SNIPER with TEETH.

  7. Of course you should never buy dollar store sardines! Any dog would know that! Maybe you should buy more ammo so you can shoot some fresh sardines. You’re the hunting expert. Try using your teeth to pull the trigger.

  8. Are you saying I should never buy more ammo?? I say there is never too much ammo. (why is a cat worrying about ammo, I don’t have a trigger finger) (hmmmm) I suggested that you should never buy Dollar Store Sardines.

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