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Singing in the Rain (my mistress went Nuts)

We got our first rain of fall here today. I’m liking the cooler weather. Having a lot of long hair can really make a dog hot (not to be confused with Hot Dog) in a hurry. I usually lay on the tiles on the bathroom floor when I need to cool off. It quit raining in the afternoon so my mistress and I went for a walk. I still haven’t gotten the hang of the Heel (slow down, don’t choke yourself) thing.

Anyway, after we get home again my mistress went totally Nuts. I’m laying on the floor in the library (thinking about how to stop choking myself on these walks) when I hear this weird noise coming out of the kitchen. I jump up and run in there to see what is going on. There she is (my mistress) prancing around and singing “Singing in the Rain”. Her arms are flailing around and she start coming toward me (which almost scared the crap out of me).  I’m saying “What is wrong with you? Have you gone completely Nuts?” All she hears is Bark, Bark, Whoof Whoof. Sometimes I wonder if she will ever understand me. Then I run and hide in the bathroom until she quiets down.

Just when I think it’s safe and come back into the kitchen (to see whats for supper) she starts in again with the “Singing in the Rain” accompanied with the flinging arms thing. I try to run again, but my feet keep loosing traction on the slick floor. Then she starts this crazy laughing. I just don’t know what’s wrong with her. Maybe she needs counseling or maybe I will before long. It’s a good thing we have one in the family.

Your friend, Harley


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