How I got the name of Serial Killer

A name says a lot.  It is like your 411 Business card.  It says something about you.  Occasionally, yes only occasionally, I get asked how I got named Serial Killer. 

Well, how was I supposed to know my name is aligned with negative feelings from humans.  It all started when I was rescued from a lonely existence living in a barn.  Begging for food in back yards.  You know the routine.

I didn’t want to go on welfare ( I’ve read about welfare in crumpled up news papers- don’t ask me how I actually read something)  so I decided to hunt for myself.  I love hunting.  It brings me back to nature.

Well, one day a very nice lady came and picked me up and took me home.  You know, I wanted to show her my appreciation and let her know that I could pay for my keep.  I just kept hunting.

I hunted every day.  I found some awesome hunting blinds near some bird feeders.  I’d wait for the right moment and Strike and then bag my kill!!  I then drug the bodies under the deck and buried them there for future use.  How’d  I know the police investigate humans when they do this very thing that is so normal  and routine??  The 2 legged mammal I live with just laughed and called me a Serial Killer.  I suppose it just stuck.

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5 comments on “How I got the name of Serial Killer

  1. That’s what I’m afraid of. I think I will start watching hunting videos.

  2. Have you tried the water meter box? Works like a cooler too!

    • I don’t think I have one in my back yard, but there is an air conditioner thing. I’ll try that. Now I just need one of those “blinds” to hide in. Will a big card board box work?

      • Cardboard boxes are great to spring out from. And, they make great sun shades. Try it. The way things are going with you, (you know,,, peeing all over the house and your “Lint Picking” habit), you might just have to start hunting for yourself.

  3. I haven’t tried hunting yet, but there are some squirels and an occasional pigeon in my back yard. I don’t have a porch so I will have to find somewhere else to bury them. Any suggestions?

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