Take No Action! – Shelter In Place!

I had been locked out of the house for a few days. The 2 legged guy I share this house has no manners. In the meantime, a lot of news has been going on.
I was watching the TV and realized that there are “Smart TV’s” now. I’m not sure what makes them smart… As I was looking to see if someone might be looking at me from some other location, I saw the news about the people killed at the Navy Yard in Wash DC.

I heard something very profound. In a military base, did you know that It’s a “Gun Free Zone”. Gun Free Zone on a military base? Who’s idea was this? Criminals know all about gun free zones, they are a safe place to kill a lot of people, before being captured or shot themselves. The exceptions are the police etc, who take at least several minutes to get there on a good day. No one could protect themselves, somewhat similar to gun free cities etc. Have you noticed that the dogs that are guarding the hen-house, are out side of the hen-house?  If They got in they’d  probably chase down the hens and harm them.

What I heard that was so profound, was everyone was told to “Take No Action” and “Shelter In Place“. I.e.. don’t do anything to protect yourself. Stay in one spot until he finds you!!  This reminds me of one of my favorite re-occurring dreams, originally created by Gary Larson... The “Boneless Chicken Ranch“. You’ll have to click on / copy paste this link to see what I mean.


As a predator ( I mean professional extermination expert, birds, mice bugs etc.) I wish all of my targets took no action, and shelter in place.


3 comments on “Take No Action! – Shelter In Place!

  1. I’m going to look into that TV blind. Another example of Take No Action-Shelter in Place would be if I had another “accident on the floor” and just stayed there with my paws over my eyes waiting for what I know would happen if I did that. Pretty STUPID advice if you ask me.

  2. I suggest that you guys get one of those pull down shades on the front of your TV for everyone’s protection!!

  3. You know, I think you are right about those “Smart TVs”. I was looking at the one in our front room today and there was another dog looking back at me! I ran around the back of it to catch him, but he wasn’t there. So I know he was in the TV. I barked and barked trying to make my mistress understand she should NEVER walk in front of the TV naked. I don’t think she understood me. Then I saw another dog looking at me when I was looking into the glass in front of the fireplace. I think the NSA has spys everywhere!

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