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Don’t Choke Yourself

My mistress has been taking me for a walk almost everyday lately. I have enjoyed seeing new places and people around here (especially Pamm at the back who always gives me cookies). The only thing is, she attaches me to what is called a leash which limits where I can go and how fast I can go there (I don’t like it). She keeps telling me to Heel. I think I have finally figured out what that means. It means slow down and Don’t Choke Youself.

I hear that President Obama has a dog. I wonder if a dog living in the White House has to be on one of those leashes and he also trys to choke himself. From what my mistress says it’s Obama that should be on a leash with Congress holding the end while he is trying to choke himself. Lots of people say that Obama takes too many vacations (I wonder if he takes his dog). From what I hear, he should just stay on vacation so he can’t do anymore damage to this country than he already has.

My advice to President Obama would be slow down and Don’t Choke Youself. Do what your master, The People of the US, say you should do. Under his leadership unemployment is terrible, taxes are higher (which means less chicken wings for me), gas prices are still on the rise (which means less outings for me), the world has less respect for our country, the national debt has doubled (I’m not sure what that means to me), and there is Obama Care. Congress needs to really tighten that leash on him in the next 3 1/2 years or maybe they should just let him Choke Himself.


About Kathy

I am semi retired and had lots of free time on my hands. I still work part time as a bookkeeper at the little hardware store in our small town but I still had free time to fill so I became a blogger here at The Harley Factor. I also am a compulsive beader so I started a beading blog to show off my bead work call Compulsive Beading. As I have gotten older and mostly wiser I have become very opinionated on a lot of subjects and will share them with you from time to time when I can't keep my mouth shut. Kathy Sinclair

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