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A new dog in town

My owner brought a new dog. He’s a stupid looking mutt and his ears make him look physically challenged. Well right away I had to put him in line and boy did that work. He may be bigger than me, but don’t fool with this Chihuahua. I got down right evil on his ass!! Now that I got him in line I only have to nip at him once in a while.  

It is fun though watching him do things I know he will be getting in trouble for. Do you think I going to tell him, what and miss the comity show, not on your life. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA this is better than Obama think there are 57 states to the USA.

Oh man got to go Harley thinks he can eat out of my dish, nipping time, HEHEHEHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



One comment on “A new dog in town

  1. THAT’S IT SKEETER!!! I’ll have you know that I am not a mutt. I am registered with the AKC!! And about my ears…my mistress thinks the way the left one flops over the top of my head is CUTE. It’s no more mister nice dog from me. The next time I get in trouble, I am blaming it YOU!!!

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