The purpose of this Blog

I decided, along with my cousin Serial Killer (the cat) to start this blog. We want to talk about a lot of things relevent to our masters and what they think about a variety of subjects. Politics, religion, current events, and other things. I hear some of these things are pretty controversial with most humans, so it should be pretty interesting to hear from some other pets about what their masters think about these issues. Of course, we will give some of our own opinions on our masters also. Serial Killer will be the co-host of this blog and we will hear more about her soon. We are looking forward to a lot of fun and some good discussions. In the mean time I need to go outside and find a bush before I go to bed for the night. We are looking forward to hearing from you.



About Kathy

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2 comments on “The purpose of this Blog

  1. Sounds like there might be some bullying going on around your house Stumpy, I mean Ladie. I think you might be on to something there. You could hang the placard around your neck instead of on the rear view mirror. I’ll do some checking into service dogs and dogs with disabilties. In the mean time Chicken Wing, I mean Ladie, I will do some checking on Bullying too. Right now I’m hungry and some chicken wings sound pretty good.

  2. Hi this is ladie. I was born on thanksgiving day. I have 3 legs and a stump. Sometimes I get made fun of. My boy calls me chicken wing. My mom calls me stumpy. My sister dog, named Lillie is a little grumpy. So my mom calls us “stumpy and grumpy”
    I’d like to talk about dogs with disabilities soon. I think it would be a good idea for dogs to have a disability placard so they can have privileges that only service dogs get like being admitted in a store instead of waiting in the car or out on the sidewalk.
    What do you think SC and Harley?

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