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Do You Just Want to Manage Your Illness or Possibly Cure It?

Many of us have had loved ones and friends who have died from cancer or other chronic illnesses. Many of us also are getting into our, what is called “Golden Years” and are more concerned about our health in general. Most of us don’t have a lot of Gold stored up to take care of ourselves in those years and don’t want to spend what we do have on very expensive and ineffective medical treatments.

Most people I know who do have chronic illness or catastrophic illness are content to go to the doctor and just say “Okay” to what ever they are told to do without doing any investigation on their own to see if there is a better course of action. As you may have guessed, I am not one of those people. I have been blessed with pretty good health in general and I would like to keep it that way as long as possible so I do investigate other options and have found a few that I think are worth a try such as the Gerson Therapy. With this one the phrase “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is very true, although it takes more than just one apple.

That is just a taste of the Gerson Therapy. Detoxifying is also a very big part of this therapy and here is how:

I hope this has been informative. I have started on the Gerson Therapy and have already seen positive results.

Your friend, Harley


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This is just a short excerpt for the about page.

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Socialism and communism are alike in that both are systems of production for use based on public ownership of the means of production

Remember,  Bernie Sanders is proud socialist.  From what I read here, socialism is simply a path to communism.  


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Watch “U S Civil War 2016” on YouTube

I recommend everyone watch this video all the way through.   Then go back through it section by section,  article by article, line by line. 

We may be in big trouble.  The future may be upon us. You decide.

Stay alert.   Stay Prepared.

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Exclusive – Sarah Palin: Obama Wept

Hat tip to Breitbart for this article. 


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Islamists, Communists and other Totalitarians are Prohibited by Law from Immigrating to the US – Freedom Outpost

Our leaders and media are lying to us again.  Why do you suppose that they hide law that was made back in 1952?
You decide! 
Stay alert!
Stay prepared!


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What Will Americans Tolerate?

Here is a quote from former slave,  Frederick Douglas.   This quote is just as relavent today for all of the American people it was to the slaves back then. 

“Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them.”

I can think of criminalizing Christianity,  attacking the 2nd Amendment and open borders as some areas where the American people are not speaking loud enough to stop our government from imposing  these injustices.

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