Hell is Enlarging Itself Through Earth Quakes and Volcanos

I was listening to Sid Roth on his program It’s Supernatural the other day. His guest was a woman named Glenda Jackson. I had never heard of her before, but I’m glad I listened in to this program.

A couple of things she had to say really moved me in my spirit. I think we all believe that the increase in earth quakes and volcanic activity is a sign of the last days, but I wondered why that is. Glenda said these things are happening because hell is enlarging itself to make room for all those who are going there. It says in the Bible that hell will enlarge itself. Isaiah 5:14 says: Therefore hell hath enlarged herself, and opened her mouth without measure:…


Published on Oct 19, 2014

“Glenda Jackson has been prophesying which all has been come true. Jesus told young Glenda Jackson she’d be a prophet like Samuel in her latter days. She went on to minister like her great aunt Maria Woodworth-Etter for 33 years. Then the Lord began to speak.

She visited hell and heaven. She was with Paul in heaven. God emphasize our faith which activate spiritual realm. Sister Glenda prophesied that there will be no election of the next President due to something happening in the USA.”


Her prophecy about what may happen here in America and if the church doesn’t really start praying, that Obama won’t leave office also moved my spirit. Those of us who get our news from alternate media are familiar with that scenario and I don’t think any of us want to see that happen. My advice is pray like you have never prayed before. With everything coming together, the Blood Moons, the Harbingers, and Prophecies, and other things. The time is short

Your friend, Harley

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Ebola Coming in to the US Through Southern Border. Is It Airborne?

The government (Obama) keeps changing it’s story on how Ebola is spread. First it was only through direct contact with body fluids from an infected person, then it changed to anyone within three feet of an infected person could be in danger of contracting the disease, but yet they keep saying that it isn’t airborne.

In an article from Natural News, the proof is there that it was airborne in 1990 so why would it be different now? Here is a clip from that article:

“ALERT: U.S. Army researchers at USAMRIID confirm Ebola variant was airborne in 1990″

“U.S. Army virologists working at USAMRIID (U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases) [1] confirmed in 1990 that a strain of Ebola was airborne and could spread through air ducts, resembling the contagiousness of the flu.”

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/047317_Ebola_Reston_airborne_transmission_USAMRIID.html#ixzz3GhFyxGFh

Published on Aug 4, 2014

Alex Jones discusses the ebola virus outbreak and how it can be used to destroy the human race, or at the very least bring about global tyranny.


Published on Oct 8, 2014

Evidence now suggests the NBC cameraman contracted Ebola via airborne exposure as did the Spanish nurse. In this clip Dr. Rima Laibow CONFIRMS that Ebola is not only airborne but it is weaponized.


Is this all just a bunch of fear provoking nonsense or is it really true? Is Ebola going to be used as a weapon against us? This is just a speculation on my part, but what if Obama is keeping the southern border basically open so the Ebola virus and other diseases can be spread to us that way? It is my opinion that Obama is a Muslim and could be doing his part to make it easy for the infidels to be killed by letting the Ebola virus spread to a mostly non Muslim country (ours), and what if Obama is only doing what he has to, to keep his real motives hidden by not aggressively fighting ISIS on purpose to make it easier for them to take over? What if these two major events are connected? Like I said, it’s only my speculation, but what if this is another way to implement the destruction of America??

If you want to hear more. This time from Michael Savage go to this link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4T-v1lID9Q4

Your friend, Harley                             doing some speculating


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Dive 281: Death of a Precious Friend

Originally posted on Pink Tank Scuba:

Dear Critters,

Last weekend, my best buddy LP caught this extraordinary footage of the resident draughtboard (aka swell) shark of Flinders Pier, playing with a bottle and hunting for fish:

Nothing like the Spielberg-inspired shark of public misconception, we first encountered this sweet, timid creature a few months ago, a true and precious rarity under Melbourne’s piers. I was thrilled to take this humble footage during our first meeting:

Locating its position has become a genuine highlight of our dives at Flinders Pier. LP had one particularly close and special encounter a couple of weeks ago when the shark gently brushed its nose against his camera:

As is our ritual each Sunday, LP and I make our Critter Wishes as we drive to whichever pier we have elected to dive. Recently, we have chosen to have most of our underwater adventures at Flinders, in the hope of spending more magical…

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In the end times right will seem wrong and wrong will seem right to the majority of people. Isn’t that what is happening now? Our children have always been in danger from predatory sex offenders. Now those predators are trying to become “just another life style”. It is a crime and most of all, It’s a sin.

Originally posted on These Christian Times:

This was Originally posted on  http://thesechristiantimes.com/  Dont forget to visit my new website and see what other interesting news articles I have put up. Read Opinions from myself and other Bloggers on Current events and Faith. God Bless you. 

Maro Kaplan  an assistant professor at Rutgers School of Law is saying that pedophilia should be consider a status the way homosexuals  are view as a status. She writes that “By some estimates, 1 percent of the male population continues, long after puberty, to find themselves attracted to prepubescent children. These people are living with pedophilia, a sexual attraction to prepubescents that often constitutes a mental illness. Unfortunately, our laws are failing them and, consequently, ignoring opportunities to prevent child abuse.” She basically stats that this is normal form the set go. What I find very disturbing about her take on the idea of this sick perversion is the fact…

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Watch Out for Those Buttons on Car Doors

It’s always exciting to take a ride to town. You never know what there will be to bark at along the way.  Cows, horses, other dogs, people on bicycles,  etc., and with the window rolled part way down so I can get my head out, it makes it all the more fun and exciting. Besides, the wind blowing through your hair is a feeling like no other. It was good to be alive.

This particular day there were more things to bark at than usual and I was really excited about that. I was jumping around by the window when something unexpected happened. The window rolled down and then the window rolled up. The bad thing about that was my head was still out side of the window. Next thing I knew it had rolled up squashing my neck. Talk about a feeling of panic!

This is what I normally look like.

Ebay beads and slippers 044

This is what I felt like with my head stuck in the window

crazy dog

Thankfully my mistress, (although she was laughing like crazy), saw my predicament and rolled the window back down. Who knew there were buttons on the door that worked the windows, so be careful jumping around by them. I decided to stay in the back seat away from the buttons for the rest of the trip.

Your friend, Harley                                 with a few words of wisdom on door buttons.



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Oct 15, 2014 Protocol for the use of Hydrogen Peroxide h2o2 for the treatment of Ebola virus


Hydrogen Peroxide is better than a wonder drug and much cheaper too.

Originally posted on Twelve Books - Rapture, Antichrist, False Prophet, End Time Signs, Bible Prophecy, Nando:

The news today has a second nurse in Texas with the Ebola virus, and from the amount of people that came in contact with Duncan the first Ebola death in the USA there may be other cases lurking in the shadows yet uncovered.

The treatment that is presented in this article is suggested to be implemented along with any other treatment that modern medicine can believe to work and not to exclude these treatments.

But if other treatments are not available it may prolong live in an infected person long enough to let the immune system work in killing the virus.

God is the real healer here when He gave us such an efficient defense as our immune system, but this virus seems to act so fast and lethally that we do not have time for the body to defend itself.

The link here will take you to an article…

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Dive 279: Octopus Encounter


A wonderful video from someone with a wonderful outlook and appreciation of life.

Originally posted on Pink Tank Scuba:

Andrew Schulze from London meets our favourite Flinders Octopus

Andrew Schulze from London meets our favourite Flinders Octopus

Dear Critters,

Please scroll down for an amazing video of our octopus encounter yesterday at Flinders Pier (taken by my awesome dive buddy, Mark ‘LP’ Jones – and check out more of his sensational underwater videography at http://www.oceanandtheearth.wordpress.com).

One of the highlights of any dive holiday is making new friends. After meeting South African Londoner Andrew Schulze on last week’s Great Barrier Reef Trip, LP and I were more than happy to introduce him to the awesome critters of Flinders Pier during his visit to Melbourne yesterday.

Shortly after entering the water, I squealed with delight to recognise two familiar but well-camoflauged eyes peering straight at me from one of the pylons not far from shore. Somehow I managed to yell loud enough underwater to call LP and Andrew back to the extraordinary creature they had unknowingly just swum past.

Mark and Octopus on Pylon at Flinders


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