Good Cops and Black Citizens. What’s Really Going on Here?

If you are like me, you are tired of hearing about the Ferguson fiasco. It has taken over the news for weeks now it seems. It makes me wonder what we aren’t hearing in the news that we should be because this Ferguson thing has been turn into a race issue instead of staying a criminal issue. How did a local police matter turn into a Federal race issue? Maybe because we have a black President and Attorney General? If we had a white president would this have gotten this kind of coverage? I don’t think so.

Michael Brown was a hoodlum as far as I can tell. Yes, it’s sad when any young man dies even if it’s because of a crime he has committed, but that is no excuse for others to riot and destroy other peoples property that had nothing to do with the incident that happened between Brown and a police officer who was doing his job.

So what is the agenda with all of this? To fan the flames of Racism again? To do away with profiling to be politically correct? To keep our eyes off of a more important agenda that might be going on? I’ll leave all the answers to these questions for you to decide. As for me, I think there is something more going on here.

Your friend, Harley                                  trying to see behind the curtain


The Girl in the Bag

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It’s Flu Season Again, But Think Twice Before You Get Vaccinated

I recently read an article posted on http://thesechristiantimes.com about a new way they are going to make flu vaccines.  As if the old ways weren’t bad enough already. Now they are going to use human cancer tumors to incubate their flu vaccines.

Here is an exerpt from that article: “Unbelievably, the method of producing vaccines using cells that are derived directly from human cancer tumors has been approved even though the vaccines may induce cancer in recipients. This method is cheaper and faster than breeding animals for the culture media – and human cancer tumors are readily available.”

and here is the conclusion reached by the article:


  • Making vaccines with cells that are directly derived from human cancer tumors is faster and cheaper than breeding animals for the culture media.
  • Millions of potentially cancer-causing vaccines will be produced.
  • The vaccines may possibly cause genetic mutations.
  • Millions of dollars will be made by vaccine promoters.
  • The health of millions of consumers may be jeopardized.
  • Information about how these vaccines are made will be hidden from doctors and consumers.

Sometimes reality is even more frightening than horrific science fiction
Millions of consumers will be injected with vaccines which may cause cancer tumors, then cancer tumors will be used to make millions of vaccines. Think about it.”

It looks like this years flu vaccines will most likely be made from dog kidney cells. Now isn’t that comforting? I don’t think so.

Or maybe your next flu shot will be from insect cells. As always, I will not be getting a flu shot this year or any other year.

Please do your own research before allowing yourself to be injected with anything and check out http://thesechristiantimes.com for more on this and other important news.

Your friend, Harley

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The Ancient Book of Enoch


This is so interesting.

Originally posted on These Christian Times:

This was Originally posted on http://thesechristiantimes.com/ Dont forget to visit my new website and see what other interesting news articles I have put up. Read Opinions from myself and other Bloggers on Current events and Faith. God Bless you.
This video was broadcast 2 years ago, but I feel that it is important that Christian understand and read the Book of Enoch. Please watch this video as you come to an understanding why it may be an important book. The Rapture, Fallen Angels, and the Latter times are all mentioned in the Book of Enoch.  The apocryphal Book of Enoch has been a source of fascination and controversy for millennia. Author, Ken Johnson, provides a comprehensive commentary, revealing the names, intentions, and dastardly deeds of the fallen angels. He reveals a hidden scroll that documents their methods of hybridization and a timeline that seems to mark the end of days. Take a wild…

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Berkeley Loons Hold ‘Funeral.’ For A Frozen Chicken. Inside A Whole Foods Store. Yeah, Really.


This is so rediculous I had to repost it. Makes me hungry for some fried chicken and some pork Steak. You have to admit that vegitarians can be a little odd.

Originally posted on Rat Nation:

This frozen chicken had a “rich, emotional life.” 

Can’t make it up, right? The lunatics were out in full force earlier this month, making fools of themselves in a Whole Foods store in Berkeley, CA.

As the video begins, a delusional clown says “In memory of a life lost,” as he picks up a frozen chicken and cradles it in his arms. Then it gets even better, as he yells inside the store: “It’s not food. It’s violence.”

Yeah, well, I like my “violence” original recipe with mashed potatoes and gravy, and coleslaw.

The hilarity continued:

“Next to us is the body of a mother, who bellowed in grief as she was dragged to the kill floor.”

Oh, the humanity! No – wait  – Oh, the “fowlness”! I wonder how many guys it takes to “drag” a chicken to the “kill floor”?

Anyway, check out their humorous “Until Every Animal is Free” Facebook page here

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“I Am Not Ashamed of The Gospel” says Phil Robertson

I came across this today and had to share it. Many of us are fans of Phil Robertson for his stand on his faith. We could all take a lesson from him in proclaiming our own belief in God and Jesus Christ. If we are ashamed of the Gospel and don’t proclaim it Jesus is ashamed of us.


America : Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson discusses how he would deal with ISIS (Sept 02, 2014)

Some good words of wisdom from someone who is not ashamed to tell God’s word at every opportunity. For some other words of wisdom and some interesting news from a Christian point of view go to http://thesechristiantimes.com . It’s one of my favorite news websites.

Your friend, Harley


We Wrestle Not Against Flesh and Blood

There are battles raging in this country and around the world. Everything from the battle against ISIS, the battle against what Russia is doing, the battle between Democrats and Republicans, the battle against Ebola, the battle to close our border, and I could go on and on. The point being, we are constantly in a battle of some kind, but is it just physical or idealistic battles or is there something else going on? You better believe there is something else going on, but it’s not anything you can see. It’s a spiritual battle. A battle for our very souls that manifests itself in our physical world, but has it’s origin in the spiritual world, which is more real than the world we live in.

As a Live or Die battle in the physical is coming to an end the fighting increases in intensity between the adversaries. So it is in the spiritual battle also. It seems clear that we are in the last days before the return of the Lord. The spiritual battle for the souls of man kind is at a fever pitch. In my opionion every battle has it’s origin in the spiritual. God has given us the tools to fight this battle. We just have to use them.

“Dr. Missler discusses the spiritual nature of our warfare. He shows what the scriptures have to say about the devices of our enemy and of the structure of his evil forces. He also shows us what the Bible reveals to us about how to defend and take the offensive. Dr. Missler does a great job telling us about our commander and chief Jesus Christ in a summary of what the scriptures reveal about Him.”

Please take the time to listen to what Chuck Missler has to say about this battle we are all in.

Your friend, Harley                                 fighting the good fight


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