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The Ugly Truth About Vaccines Is Coming To Light In New Developments

Originally posted on Tales from the Conspiratum:

We have been talking and posting about the link between vaccines and autism for four years now.  We know this is not definitive, and more proof is needed, but this time can we get some real scientific scientists? If  your study is funded by Big Pharma, it is not a worthy study.

Where’s all the critics and debunkers now? You defended a corrupt system that damaged thousands of children, and also killed hundreds of them. 

We won’t say it (I told you so).

The Ugly Truth About Vaccines Is Coming To Light In New Developments | Collective-Evolution.



Modern medicine and the world community currently find themselves at a moral, ethical and legal crossroads. The recent public admittance of Dr. William Thompson as well as other information being forced to the surface has brought to light very ugly truths that will never…

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90 Minutes That May Open Your Eyes, Hillary Tried To Have This Banned


Hillary Clinton would be the worst choice of a woman president I can think of. She is a deceptive, evil woman in my opinion.

Originally posted on Basharr's Outpost:

I am not opposed to a female President, what I am opposed to is a female that believes she is owed a Presidency. Especially one who has participated in the cover-up of the atrocity that happened on her watch in Benghazi. Hillary Clinton has blood on her hands and she has refused accountability for the deaths of our Ambassador and the other brave men who died in a terrorist attack in Benghazi. Those were AMERICANS and her reply to congress…”At this point what difference does it make?” Hillary, I believe it makes a huge difference! They begged for help and were left to die. The above video will open many doors Hillary tried to nail shut permanently.

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Dive 264: Sea Lion Adventure!


Another under water adventure with Pink Tank Scuba. Tank you Pink Tank for sharing with us. Wonderful video as usual.

Originally posted on Pink Tank Scuba:

Dear Critters,

I celebrated finishing my first palliative Quad Shot of radiation on Friday with a very special dive treat on Saturday. Spunky Abe took LP, Julie Bear and me out on his boat to Chinaman’s Hat off Sorrento where it seemed the sea lions had been waiting all morning for some divers to come to play with them.

Upon arrival, maybe 60 animals lie lethargically on the deck of the large wooden structure, and you could be forgiven for thinking on first impression that the individuals that make up this blubbery, immobile mass are just too large and lazy to move. But underwater, these sea lions (not to be confused with seals that do not have external ear flaps) are feisty, fearless, inquisitive, boisterous and very loud, dancing with all the grace of Rudolf Nureyev in one moment, then fighting with all of Mike Tyson’s ethics the next.


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CDC Whistle Blower Tells the Truth About MMR Vaccine

A study brought to my attention by Natural News and the Health Ranger is very troubling. The truth about Autism and the MMR vaccine is coming to the fore front. Although I’m sure it effects children from all races, it particularly effects black male children and the evidence was covered up and distorted for years until recently when Dr. Andrew Wakefield spoke up and told the truth.

Here is a clip from the Natural News on this subject:       “The autism community has been deceived for a period of 13 years,” says Dr. Wakefield in the interview. “These children have gone untreated and relatively neglected by the government and others; the parents [were] dismissed, vilified and humiliated when they tried to say my child was damaged by this vaccine. …The CDC have been covering this up. It’s an utter disgrace. For me, it’s a sadness that this has come to pass. It’s a tragedy. Yes, it vindicates the [theory] that we put forward to the CDC originally… [the CDC] has been covering it up since 2001.”

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/046661_Dr_Andrew_Wakefield_CDC_whistleblower_MMR_vaccines.html#ixzz3Cdud0R2e

Shortly after he first spoke out against vaccinations, the Lancet journal, ABC’s Good Morning America and even the British Medical Journal basically cut him off. The medical community did everything they could to distance themselves from him, while ABC did everything they could to vilify him. It’s been several tough years, yet Doctor Wakefield’s research still reverberates throughout doctors offices and households around the nation and he’s here joining us today to discuss the CDC Whistleblower and his own research

Another power hungry, government agency (CDC) gone wild with experiments on our children. The video below will show how long this has been going on and it will make you sick.

“(Truthstream Media) Shocking revelations about alleged CDC misconduct in a study investigating the link between autism and vaccines has been made even worse by an active campaign to censor and silence the issue in the media.”

“We told you recently about a new whistleblower inside the CDC. Now, we know his name: Doctor William Thompson. Doctor Thompson shared his story with Doctor Brian Hooker. Thompson says he stayed quiet for over 10 years after finding a link between vaccines in young black children and autism. Thompson says the CDC knew about this link, and purposely manipulated the evidence removing “Black Babies without birth certificates” from the study to justify their own multi-billion dollar vaccination operation.”

Where is this story on the news? No where.

Your friend, Harley                         disgusted with another government agency


Brother Rachid: A Message To President Obama From A Former Muslim


I think Obama already know all of this and it is his objective to not hinder the spread of Islam any more than he has to in order to keep his cover.

Originally posted on Rat Nation:

Brother Rachid, the son of a Moroccan imam, has posted a video called “A Message to President Obama From a Former Muslim” in which he attempts to give the President a crash course in Islamic studies. He begins by telling the president that he is wrong when he said that ISIL speaks for no religion. The former Muslim-turned-Christian further explained that terrorism begins in the schools and Mosques and must be cut off at the root.

“I can tell you with confidence that ISIL speaks for Islam. ISIL is a Muslim organization.”

I have had the opportunity and pleasure to meet several former Muslims in my lifetime and they make excellent and powerful Christians. It is a sometimes dangerous conversion as Islam calls for the death of all Muslims who leave the religion. Islam calls for the conversion, subjugation, or elimination of all peoples who fall under its control. Leaving…

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If You Really Want to Fight ISIS…


I know I am in favor of going to was against ISIS. A real war to actually win it, but maybe it’s a good thing we aren’t yet with Obama as our Commander in Chief. He would have no intention of winning a war against his fellow Muslims.

Originally posted on Blogs For Victory:

…then you’d better be willing to go to war. I mean real war. With two million American personnel over in the Middle East for a decade and a complete re-casting of Middle Eastern life under American rule for a long while.

As regular readers know, with Obama in the White House I have become a peacenik – all I am saying, is give peace a chance because I’m dead certain that any war Obama commands will be a lost war. But, maybe I’m wrong and Obama will turn into a regular Abraham Lincoln as war leader – and, so, let’s get to fighting, if that is what you want. After all, if ISIS isn’t worth fighting, then there’s never any cause to fight, ever.

But if we do this, then think about a few things. Don’t get upset about how long it takes: it will take a long…

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The Enlightened Man


Kindness truly does go a long way.

Originally posted on Tales from the Conspiratum:

The Enlightened Man – YouTube.

A powerful message; even the smallest acts of kindness can change someone’s life.

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