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Autism and Vaccines: Actor Rob Schneider has obtained copies of CDC cover-up documents; urges California to investigate scientific fraud


I am glad to see more news coming out about the CDC coverup of the link between the MMR vaccine and Autism. Just one more government coverup coming to light. Anyone connected with this should be help criminally responsible.

Originally posted on Tales from the Conspiratum:

MOrningActor Rob Schneider has obtained copies of CDC cover-up documents; urges California to investigate scientific fraud – NaturalNews.com.


 The CDC whistleblower story is exploding, and despite the best efforts of the mainstream media to maintain a total media blackout on the story, the truth is spreading like wildfire across the internet and social media.

The essence of the story is that CDC scientist William Thompson has admitted to committing scientific fraud over the last ten years in conjunction with other CDC scientists. They retroactively altered study data to hide the proven fact that MMR vaccines cause a huge increase in autism risk in African-American children, and the CDC’s top criminal, Dr. Julie Gerberding, orchestrated the entire fraud.

Now Rob Schneider, famous for his many roles in popular comedy movies, is urging the political leadership of California to investigate the fraud. More importantly…

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The MMR Vaccine: Is it Safe? I Think Not.

The MMR vaccine has been around for a long time. Parents have, for years now, just gotten their children vaccinated with this, thinking they were doing the responsible parent thing. Believing what the doctors and the CDC told them was best for their children. Heaven knows, you don’t want your kid getting Measles or Mumps, do you?

Here is a quote from Natural News that good, loving parents are not being told.

“CDC refuses to release evidence to Congress

This is all described in detail in this Age of Autism story which also delves into the runaway criminality of the CDC and its quack science front men such as Dr. Poul Thorsen. Dr. Thorsen — who was indicted by the Dept. of Justice for an elaborate money laundering scheme involving the CDC — engaged in exactly the kind of lies and deceptions we see reflected in biotech propagandists like Jon Entine, where so-called “scientific experts” routinely resort to outright lies and fabrications to protect corporate interests and try to silence skeptics.”

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/046553_MMR_vaccines_scientific_fraud_criminal_corruption.html#ixzz3BQ2GFYFu

Another quote from Natural News: ” (NaturalNews) The CDC whistleblower who has come forward with proof that the CDC knowingly covered up scientific evidence linking the MMR vaccine to autism has now been revealed as William W. Thompson, PhD. To share this story, use tags #vaccinegate and #EndVaccineViolence”

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/046597_CDC_whistleblower_secret_letter_Julie_Gerberding.html#ixzz3BQ80BkhJ


I encourage everyone to go to the links provided and read the entire articles. We all want our children to be safe and healthy, but are these vaccines doing more harm than good? My opinion is YES. The rate of Autism continues to rise. Please investigate this for yourself before you give your precious children this potentially dangerous vaccine.

Thousands of children who were normal all of a sudden weren’t after receiving MMR vaccine.

Your friend, Harley



Dive 263: Happiness Is …


Another great video by my favorite Scuba Diver. I really admire her spunk as she is facing serious health problems. Please keep her in your prayer and enjoy her joy in the Dive.

Originally posted on Pink Tank Scuba:

Dear Critters,

After getting rotten news about my health last week, it seemed more than appropriate to cross ‘Introduce My Baby Brother to Scuba’ off my Bucket List today, before I begin palliative treatment on Tuesday. My best buddy LP put a lot of work into helping make this happen, and I cannot thank him enough for his super-star effort. Here’s a picture of LP, Nathan and me right before our amazing dive under that pier …

LP, Nathan and PT in front of Flinders Pier

To make the event even more special, my beloved dad Kirby and gorgeous step-mum Nancy decided to show up at Flinders Pier to surprise my brother for his first dive and to take some topside pictures for us. Just as Nathan uttered the words ‘I wonder what dad is thinking about all this right now?’, Kirby and Nancy appeared unexpectedly right before his eyes, as excited and proud as any parents could ever…

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(Video) Andrew Klavan on “Democrats at war”


I had never thought about the resemblance between Harry Reid and Gollum before, but I can see it now.

Originally posted on Public Secrets:

In today’s episode of The Revolting Truth, Andrew treats us to some counter-revisionist history, to correct the Democrats’… “fanciful narrative” about their role in the Iraq war:

For the record, I doubt I’ll ever forgive Senator Harry Ried (D-Snake In The Grass) for proclaiming to the world that the war was lost, just as American forces are entering the field for a crucial battle.

Also, Gollum has a better personality.

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Poll: Hispanics, Blacks Call for Tighter Borders, Access to Illegals’ Jobs | CNS News

This shows you that you should be getting your news from an honest source.

Poll: Hispanics, Blacks Call for Tighter Borders, Access to Illegals’ Jobs | CNS News.

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The Return of The Nephilim and The Devils Secret Plan For Mankind.


Don’t be fooled. DNA altering that will be coming in the future is not what you think it will be. It’s not for the salvation of man, but for the damnation of man.

Originally posted on These Christian Times:

This was Originally posted on  http://thesechristiantimes.com/  Dont forget to visit my new website and see what other interesting news articles I have put up. Read Opinions from myself and other Bloggers on Current events and Faith. God Bless you. I have also added links to my top stories on my website below this story. 

Why is the Church virtually silent on the history of the Giants spoken of in the Bible? Why is it hard for Christians to grasp that there actual genetic Giants 30 to 35 feet tall before the flood? Where there different genetic tribes spoken of in the Bible after the flood? Does the scientific community know of the existence of these Giants? If they did know, then why are they hesitant to come forward with this astonishing claim?

An angelic race came from heaven and married earthly women. Genesis 6:1 -4, “And it came to…

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I’m a Loud Mouth Shnook!!

My mistress is always calling me a “Loud Mouth Shnook”. I guess because I am always talking (Barking) to the neighbors or anyone passing by my yard. I wag my tail and talk (bark) to them, but they just keep walking on by without a word. Some people just aren’t that friendly I guess.

When I want my mistresses attention to play or go outside a dog has to talk (Bark) a lot to get her attention. That’s when she calls me a “Loud Mouth Scnook” and says I remind her of Fog Horn Leg Horn because I don’t know when to shut up, so I had to find out who this Fog Horn Leg Horn was.

Personally, I don’t see the connection.

Your friend, Harley


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